Sanders Construction, Inc. was founded in December 1970 by Verl and Margaret Sanders. Verl had worked for a local construction company performing drilling and blasting when the company was unable to complete their existing contracts. Verl took over and completed the contracts and in December 1970 incorporated Sanders Construction, Inc. in the state of Nevada

  Initially, Sanders Construction, Inc. (SCI) was a one man, one drill operation with Verl's wife, Margaret, Maintaining the books for the company. By 1979, when Verl passed away, the company had two drills and were working on several contracts. Verl's son, Danny, as a teenager had worked with his father learning the drilling and blasting process from the ground up. Upon his father's death, Danny joined the company, full-time, and took over the role of President.

   During the 1980's, with Danny's leadership, the company expanded from less than $100,000 per year in annual revenue to several million dollars in revenue. In 1985, Western States Drilling and Blasting, Inc. was formed to provide drilling and blasting services in Utah. Western States Drilling and Blasting, Inc. would later expand operation to included Arizona, Idaho, New Mexico, Texas and Wyoming.

   During this same time, Sanders Construction was establishing itself as the drilling and blasting company of choice in southern Nevada. The Las Vegas Valley was beginning to see unprecedented growth and with the growth came the increased need for residential and commercial development. Because of the geology of the Las Vegas Valley floor, SCI was able to provide local developers and construction companies an efficient and cost effective method for breaking through the caliche, which was prominent in the valley floor. The caliche had to be broken up before utilities, roads, homes, master planned communities, commercial complexes and golf courses could be built.

   In addition, the growth of the valley required millions of tons of aggregate products from local quarries to be used for asphalt, cement, cement blocks, bricks and other construction uses. Sanders Construction, Inc. Set out to provide the local construction industry with the drilling and blasting services required to create the needed aggregate. 

   As the growth of the Las Vegas Valley and the western United States continued into the 1990's and 2000's, the demand for drilling and blasting services increased as well. Sanders Construction, Inc. and Western States Drilling and Blasting, Inc. obtained contracts on numerous high profile projects that remain today, as integral parts of the development of Southern Nevada and surrounding states.